Thursday, July 30, 2009

I lost twenty pounds during camp, and I can say I'm almost in somewhat decent shape. I've been looking for an excuse to finally start working out, and this right here seems to be a better time than any. I've only exercised twice since I got back, and I've already lost another two pounds. This shit's easier than I thought. And I'm not even doing all that much, either. Buncha push ups, and a buncha those bicycle kick thingies where you twist your abdomen. That's all, and it seems to be working. I guess a sexy bod just kinda morphs around me naturally, amirite ladies? (flexes)

I wasted half of my first paycheck on iPod Touch, and it is fucking amazing. I spent a couple bucks on this iFitness app, and it's pretty sweet. It gives me a bunch of images and instructions on a couple hundred different exercises, keeps workout logs for me, and gives me cool charts n' junk. It tells me I only need to lose four more pounds to move from "overweight" to "normal". In my defense, the BMI is kind of bullshit anyway, since it classifies George Clooney as "obese."

I'm also gonna try to get involved with the gym my dad stopped going to. The next hurdle will be eating food that doesn't slowly kill me with every scrum-diddly-umptious bite. I've never had a salad in my life, this'll be fun.

As ridiculously awesome as this iPod Touch is, here's the complaints. It is really fucking small. 16 gigs for three hundred bucks? Seriously? And the only model that's bigger is a hundred dollars more. That's only 32 gigabytes - the biggest one they have. My first mp3 player ever was 70 gigs, and I'm a little confused as to why technology is suddenly getting worse. Listen Apple, I understand - this new iPod is thin as fuck, there's not a whole lot of space inside the thing. But I don't give a flying fuck how thin it is. Make it as thick as you have to. Just give me something that I can actually fit all my shit onto. I have about 20 gigs of music, and 13 more in podcasts. Even if I chocked up the four hundred bucks for a 32 gig model, all that still wouldn't fit on it. And give me some god damn bluetooth, for crying out loud. You already have wifi on the thing, some bluetooth wouldn't be that fucking hard.

But it was worth it because of all the other shit it can do. Check owt dis app I bought:

It is fucking amazing, and I am a nerdy faggot. You point your iPod at the sky, and its motion tracker causes the stars on the screen to shift to wherever you're looking at. I wish I woulda had this at camp for the times we went stargazing. It says nothing about magical shooting stars though, so I guess they don't grant wishes after all.

In addition to this, I also got Mass Effect Galaxy, Oregon Trail, Knights OnRush, and the Price is god damn Right. Most were on sale for a dollar.

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