Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There is no space law

On Friday, NASA sent a probe plummeting to the moon's surface in an attempt to find water. My friend Tyler and I have found a facebook group called DON'T BOMB THE MOON. When I first encountered the group, I assumed it was filled by people who were simply ignorant. Once they'd discover what the mission was really all about, how the moon wasn't really "bombed", how we're looking for water, how the moon wasn't damaged in any way, etc., etc., they'd be all "oooooh okay" and go along their merry little way.

I was wrong. These people are fucking nuts. Did you know that this experiment disrupted the cosmic order, and Mother Gaia is uber pissed at us? Tyler and I are notable for helping take down Rod Blagojevich's Facebook page after he tried to sell Barack Obama's senate seat. However, this group is a tougher nut to crack, because these dumbshits are convinced they're not doing anything wrong. Here's our progress report so far. My brother has gotten in on it too. When reading these, start at the bottom of each image and go to the top, because that's how things on walls are posted. We've been doing this since Thursday.


And then I uploaded this picture to the group yesterday.

Fightin' the good fight

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