Sunday, December 19, 2010

Anti-gay Christian groups vow to force Congress to reverse repeal of DADT

Haha. Look at that guy.

A coalition of Christian groups, led by the Freedom Federation, signed a very stern letter today. We better watch it.

"This action will be overturned in the next Congress because it breaks the bond of trust that must exist between the military and those who command in the Pentagon and Congress. Today's vote will prove as costly to its proponents as ObamaCare was to its advocates. We promise a full mobilization of faith-based and policy organizations, veterans, and military families in the states of every Senator who voted for repeal of DADT against the advice of our service chiefs and during a time of war. Those Senators - and the Pentagon leaders responsible for this breach of trust - should understand that they will be the object of concerted political action against them."

As a person who enjoys freedom very much, I'm personally quite offended that an organization which doesn't think gays are people would call itself the "Freedom Foundation." Stay out of my government you fucking hicks :)


  1. only freaks out their are gays, lesbians and supporters of its immorality----maybe we should get Ugandas advisers to deal with this problem---then we will see the freaks get the HELL OUT OF THIS CHRISTIAN NATION---HAHAHAHA!!!!!

  2. "That whole part of the bible where I hung out with heathens and whores? Yeah just pretend that didn't happen and kill everyone." -jesus