Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last few opponents of a DADT repeal have stopped trying

The House passed resolution to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell yesterday. Now the bill will go to the Senate, which is of course quite notorious for killing things that need to be passed. So it's up in the air.

This is Republican Representative Louie Gohmert of - where else - Texas. Here he is making his last heroic stand yesterday for his beliefs - the humble belief that people shouldn't be able to defend their country if they're faggots. He's like Leonidas at Thermopylae!

Big 'wtf' moment about a minute in.

He's right you guys. If you look at the history of the greatest nations in the world they always let gay people in their armies when they are at the end of their existencez as greatt nationsns. This has absolutely nothing to do with the debate and there's no reason to mention it though, because like he said, it's not cause and effect. All he's saying is that a friend said it once without naming a single example. Something to think about.

But why turn only to history!? There are countless modern examples of nations succumbing to the gay-army-hordes from within their own ranks! Just look at Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Spain, Japan, Israel, or nearly every one of our allies! They allowed gays in the military, and now their governments have been taken over by Muslims. So much for liberals. Oh wait. Muslims are liberals.

Alternatively, take a look at the countries which do not let gays in their armed forces! China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, or in other words, all of our enemies! Discriminating against gay people only strengthens them, so why give them that extra advantage by repealing this!? WHY DON'T LIBRULS UNDERSTAND THE WORLD LIKE REAL AMERICANS DO

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