Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight years ago

My first year of high school was just beginning. I walked into biology, the TV was on, and the twin towers were on fire. A couple minutes later, I watched the North Tower collapse. Then he turned it off. Out of all my teachers, it was only my history teacher Mr. Bunch - one of the coolest and most intelligent teachers I have ever had - who made us watch the news for the entire period. I will never forget what he said to us. "This is history. Remember this."

Glenn Beck's so-called "9/12 Project", being held tomorrow, unabashedly exploits the murders of 3,000 dead Americans. Fox's fair and balanced propaganda will undoubtedly romanticize it for the entire day like they did with the tea parties.

"Are you ready to be that person you were that day after 9/11?"


Never in my entire life, have I ever cried harder than I did as the initial shock of that day subsided, and the reality of the death toll sank in. I never want to experience those feelings ever again. This horrifying era is the bane of my generation. The burned images of those towers are all we've ever known. Don't you fucking dare pretend to know how I felt on the worst day of my life. September 12th is not a day to be glorified for ratings and political gain. This is bigger than you. I hope you choke, you soulless piece of shit.

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