Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ann Coulter calls Cenk Uygur a 'retarded person'

GOProud is an organization of gay republicans. Republicans don't think gay people should serve in the military, or enjoy the benefits of the Christian institution of marriage like atheists can (as long as they're straight), but for some reason, these people really think the Republicans are fighting for them. I feel like I'm obligated to make an Uncle Tom reference, but I'm white, and I haven't got around to reading that book yet, so I can't do that in good conscience. One of my favorite libruls Cenk Uygur interviewed one of them last week. You can watch it if you want, but the real story is below.

"The conservative movement offers policy fixes that are better for gay couples."


Known witch Ann Coulter saw this video, and used her twitter to call Cenk retarded. Think about this. Not only does she use twitter, but she tweeted the word "retarded." This is further evidence for my theory that GOP talking points are made up by high schoolers.

Well, when Cenk isn't filling in for MSNBC's real commentators, he has his own podcast called The Young Turks. He didn't like being called a retarded person.

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  1. So how many gay republicans do you have to meet before you realize you're the retard?