Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Republican party sparks more terrorism

This is Gabrielle Giffords. She recently won an extremely close race in Arizona against Tea Party candidate Jesse Kelly. She's married to a U.S. Navy captain and astronaut. She ran a tire business before getting into politics. She loves to read, and has been featured on NPR's Weekend Edition. Today, she was shot in the head at point blank. At least five people lost their lives, and at least eighteen others are wounded. A nine year old girl is dead. After some rumors that Giffords was killed, it's now confirmed that she's still alive, but in extremely critical condition. The surgeon is as optimistic "as he can be" in a situation like this. She's forty years old. The shooter is a twenty-two year old male. He's in custody.

This is a surprise to everyone except progressives. We've been warning against the consequences of right wing rhetoric for three years, but I guess it takes a god damn massacre for people to start paying attention.

Her opponent Jesse Kelly held target shooting events to "help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office."

A progressive reporter was assaulted by a mob

Sharron Angle thinks that if Republicans don't win, we should start shooting Democrats

Stephen Broden believes violent revolution is "on the table" if Republicans don't win

This Republican politician dresses up like a Nazi in his free time

Democrat Anthony Weiner was mailed some white powder with a letter telling him to "drop dead."

The right wing is calling for the deaths of gays and lesbians

Claiming in his own words to be inspired by Glenn Beck, a man got into a shootout with the cops on his way to California so he could murder members of Tides Foundation and the ACLU

Here's a letter from the Tea Party called "Why liberalism must be destroyed," which claims that "liberalism is the antithesis of freedom," and that "liberals do not want something like the will of the people interfering with their plans, so they have to make sure elections are in fact rigged."

Here's something that in retrospect can be considered nothing less than a hit list, which Sarah Palin put up on her website. The targets are pointing at Democratic politicians. One of the crosshairs on Arizona is pointing at Giffords.

Here's Palin's twitter

And here she is being a complete sociopath

Can you imagine what the reaction would be if this happened to a Republican politician during a Republican presidency? The entire Democratic party would probably be outlawed as a terrorist organization. The media is going to downplay the right wing's role in this. They'll be wrong. A nine year old girl was shot to death because of the actions and words of the Republican party.

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