Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Barack Obama is a fascist because he's a fascist

Quick: What happens when an angry mob that knows absolutely nothing about history, pretends to know everything about history?

I should just give up and turn this into a youtube blog already. Here's a video mashup of today's events.

Fox had a busy day

Here's someone who doesn't know what fascism is telling me to "wake up." That's when I know when to take someone seriously. When they tell me I need to wake up. I love how he implies at the beginning that the Constitution was written at the Boston Tea Party.

A heroic protester gives a CNN reporter a compelling argument
"I think he's a fascist."
"Because he is."

The love of my life Ana Marie Cox is interviewed by Rachel Maddow about her field trip to the tea parties.

And finally, here's the best video of all. The Wonkette reports that some lady told them this guy was a planted ACORN agent.

Hm. Well I guess these protests today actually improved Obama's standing with the public. The source is Gallup. They're libruls tho. Probably run by ACORN.

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