Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Idiots celebrating their idiocy

Today, conservatives from across the nation gathered on behalf of the richest 1% of the country to protest the tax breaks they'll be receiving. They call the protests a “Tea Party,” in comparison to the Boston Tea Party, effectively raping the immortals who gave them their country.

These protests were actually first organized by the libertarians, and they are pissed that republicans have jumped in and hijacked it. On O'Reilly a few minutes ago, Bill was OUTRAGED that da librul media was ignoring it, seemingly unaware that Fox News is fucking obsessed with it, and is promoting and supporting it. He's pretending that they're only covering it because the American people are "coming together" for a single cause, and partisanship has nothing to do with it. Because Fox devoted entire news days to Iraq War protests all the time. He just said "Fox News respects dissent." Fair and Balanced.

Oh and one more thing, corporate lobbyists are raising money for these protests. Grassroots.

I've also noticed that Fox is trying to downplay the Right-Wing Extremism report that was made up by the librul media. Except it wasn't made up by any media, and it was an official report by the Department of Homeland Security. Barack Obama is obviously pulling the strings. Because he is an evil, evil man. A woman on Fox said Obama was trying to "quell the voices" of every day citizens. Like neo-nazis. Apparently these people have already forgotten about the white supremacist who murdered three police officers because he was afraid Barack Obama was going to take away his guns. He was an ordinary citizen I guess. That same woman said "they" would never make a report about left-wing extremists. The report released in 2001 about left-wing extremists doesn't count.

Here's a video from a February 27 protest. As you can see, there are some extremely intelligent people who go to these things.

People are called “mindless sheep” too often these days, and I rarely use the term unless it actually means something. But every person featured in this video is either a racist, or a partisan sheep. Nobody is demanding to see Joe Biden's birth certificate, or Sarah Palin's, or John McCain's. John McCain wasn't born in the United States. He was born in Panama on a U.S. Military base, but they don't give a fuck about that, or how it could be questionable for his legitimacy as a candidate.

Here's Barack Obama's birth certificate. It says he was born in Hawaii.

It has been verified by people who have actually touched and examined it

Honolulu's Advertiser and Star-Bulletin newspapers published these in August 1961
. They both announced the birth of Barack H. Obama.

Star-Bulletin? Advertiser? More like the LIBRUL PINKO NEW YORK TIMES AM I RIGHT??

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